Membership Club

What Is A Miss Magpies Membership ? 

We offer multiple types of memberships for our customers to benefit from at Miss Magpies Supplies.

Our Membership Club offer customers various packages to suit all budgets and needs, Our packages range from

Bronze to Platinum Plus

depending on the package you wish to commit to on a regular Monthly basis.


Why sign up? What is the benefit of this Membership Club ?

Each member will save a minimum of 20% on a brand new product or tool in which we have either brought in specially for our members or a item we are soon to launch to our website,depending on which you agreed to in your membership. your new item will be sent to you upon each shipping date. 

Each item/items sent will be a mystery until your receive it, but will be from your chosen category so it will be something of use to you. 


Group members get upto 10% off all website orders instead of our standard 5% when using worldpay to pay for orders
Bronze, Silver and Gold Members get 7.5% off all website orders 
Platinum Members and Plus Members get 10% off all website orders



What are the rules? and what do i need to do when i receive them?

1. Try the item received, and experiment with it

 Simply let your imagination take over

 this is very good for those who are lacking motivation and wish for a little pick me up of inspiration or simply something new to experiment with.

2. Take photos of your makes and of the product used

Once you have made something out of the product in which you received, simply send us in photos of your makes and of the item/items in which you were sent.

By sending us in your images, reviews or messages you give permission for us to use them in any form of advertising or viewing on our website, membership site or any social media site in our name.

3. Write a review on the item you received

once you have made your item and taken your pics simply write a review of what the item was like to use.

 how happy you was with the item you received?

would you use the item again?

would you recommend it to others ?

4. Simply email you photos and review into [email protected]

Once you have sent in all your photos and your review to our email address

All that is left to do is enjoy your new product.

5, Await for your next months product...


why should i follow the 5 step rules above?

All those who follow the rules and send us pics of there makes along with a review of there product for us 

will be put in to our free competition for a chance to win a voucher worth £10.

The competition will run every month for the same value of £10 and occassionally we will add a bonus prize.