Hand Stamping Tutorial


Hand Stamping Tutorial

Hand stamping is a technique where you use letters, numbers and symbols and stamp them into metal to create impressions.

The metals i like to use is either stainless steel or aluminum to create my designs. There are other types out there tho.

For charm stamping i try not to use no bigger than 6mm for for my stamps, Impressart is really good for stamps and we sell a growing range of blank charms. 

Materials Needed
1lb Brass Hammer
Letter stamps (uppercase or lowercase ) and Number Stamps
Steel block 
Blank Charms (aluminum is softer and easier for some stamps)
Black sharpie Permanent Marker (or your preferred colour)
Design stamps (optional)
Stamping Tape (optional)
wetwipes (being a mum i find these handy) or a tumbler

Here are some examples of what not to do when stamping:
Holding the stamp the wrong way can result in upside down letters, numbers or images.
Pay special attention to the number 6 and 9 stamp, the same with B,D AND P stamp.
Not holding the stamp firm enough can cause the stamp to move or double inprint.
Not holding the stamp straight or hammering to soft can cause incomplete letters.
Hitting the stamp too hard can dent the tag along with the impression.
Hitting the stamp twice will leave a double printed impression.

Stamping an image upside down is an easy mistake to make and an easy one to prevent, heres a few tips of how to prevent this.


Practise stamping onto paper or card around 10 sheets thick.

You can also practice on paper/card for a number of reasons, one for the spacing of letters so that you don't crowd them or run out of room.

Two by practising how to stamp level, tape can help acheive this and there is special tape especially for stamps so that the tape dont leave any stickiness or marks once pulled off.

Mark your front

With a permanant marker place a mark on the front edge of the stamp ( bottom side of letter)

some stamps have the letters, numbers or symbol already put in this place to help you so when you stamp they are stamped the right way up everytime.


To Begin Try This Method

Lay your stamping blank on the steel block.

Place your tape to guide you straight at your chosen position.

Then either...


1.Mark on your blank with a felt tip marker where you plan to stamp. 


2.you can write the word on a sticky note and stick it ontop of your tape as a guide.

Then choose your stamp and hold it with the mark facing you.

Position the stamp on the stamping blank where you want the impression to be.

Hold the stamp firm and straight.

With a 1lb brass hammer, hit the top end of the stamp with a single but firm blow.

This will leave a clear impression of the design.

Repeat for each impression

once you have finnished your stamping and your happy get a sharpie permanent marker,

which ever colour you desire and write over each letter.

once finnished using a damp cloth or wetwipe and wipe away any excess pen marking thats left.


Your now finnished and you can add to your curent project.

once your confident you can skip the step of using guidlines and try stamping freehand...


If you wish to be more adventurious you can now add your charms in a tumbler before wipeing of the pen place in a tumbler with the required equipment needed, doing this will make your stamped charm  nice and shiny and take of all the excess pen.